EQUUS a.s.
Hviezdna 38,
821 06 Bratislava
Slovenská republika

Tel.: (+421) 2 402 593 43
Fax: (+421) 2 402 593 42
E-mail: info@equus.sk

About us

In 2004, the EQUUS a.s. Bratislava Company was founded – an important producer and supplier of deep-frozen foods, focused on the vegetable and fruit segments.

Company production functions are focused on:

  • production of a wide variety of vegetable products and ready made foods by its proprietary capacities in the production plant in Vinice, located in southern Slovakia
  • production of fruit products, forest berries, and processing of vegetable products

The main production of the Vinice plant besides root vegetables and spinach is the production of green peas and corn, currently representing a 80% share to the production program of the processing plant.

Daily production capacity of peas and corn processing is approx. 60 tones enabling a relatively fast and successful reaction to the growing season as well as to weather influences, namely when processing the green peas.

Raw materials in the production plant are being processed by the state-of-art technology enabling to comply with requirements of quality certificates ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 22000 :2005 and international certificates International Food standard (IFS) and BRC Global Standard-Food.

Products manufactured in compliance with the above-stated certificates satisfy demanding quality criteria of customers and enable us to deliver and offer products in whole of Europe.

Introduction and application of the HCCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) enabled us to timely identify all risk and hazards affecting quality and health safety of products manufactures in our facilities.

Since 2008 we have started to process also products of ecological farming. Since this is a time-separated processing, it requires special coordination of farming activities with ecological growers.

Packing facilities form a significant portion of the production. The production plant with its current capacity of 5 packing lines enables to pack daily 80 tones of retail and catering units of various sizes and design from the classic to vacuum packages, thus enabling to provide packing services to other business partners.

The main supplier of the raw material Vinica a.s. is covering the demand of the production plant up to 90%.

In 2008 we significantly extended the portfolio of raw material suppliers, while we will keep on extending these activities also during the upcoming years.