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Production activity

There are modern manufacturing facilities and premises in the Vinica plant. In general, the production facilities are divided into three sections, being a section for processing of raw materials, with the main production facility connected – cooling plant, equipped with a technology line for the production of deep-frozen vegetables and read—made deep-frozen foods, including storage premises with corresponding facilities for storage of semi products, products, packages and cooling equipment to maintain the appropriate temperature in individual plant premises. Social premises form the third section.

There are approximately 120 employees employed in the plant with seasonal workers being hired during individual season, who work in 3 work shifts due to the characteristics of processing of the basic agricultural raw material. Other employees operate in various technological and economy functions securing all required company functions, i.e. the company top management function, production, economy and last, but not least the quality assurance.

Quality, hygiene, and health safety of products and services of the company, level of proving thereof and other activities significantly influence the quality and health safety of production are in compliance with the requirements of customers, valid legal and other requirements and standards elaborated in the document and the related documents.

The HACCP system described in the document herein is being build based on the plant management’s decision and in compliance with the criteria for the HACCP system evaluation.

Equus a.s., the Vinica plant declares by the establishment of the HACCP system the safety of its production and services in relation to consumers and government agencies and the fact that the company produces and provides safe and healthy products and services.

Each season is initiated by processing of spinach, followed by processing of peas and corn, and terminated by processing of root vegetables. These raw materials establish the main focus of the raw materials being processed. A great emphasis is put on storage of deep-frozen vegetables enabled by modern frozen food warehouses in the operational premises with its temperature regularly checked.

The additional programs are:

  • production of deep-frozen halushky; the freezing plant became the pioneer in this area in the Slovak market,
  • production of deep-frozen soaps,
  • production of deep-frozen foods.

One of the company’s long-term objectives is the premium quality of products and production processes. To ensure such, the company has been investing substantial investment funds. The freezing operation is approved by the State Veterinary and Food Administration of Slovakia for production of foods with a meat component and it has been HACCP certified. In 2006, quality management systems were introduced and certified: ISO 9001:2000 and international standards for foods BRC and IFS. In 2007, these were accompanied by the food safety management system ISO 2200. These systems are verified and re-certified on annual basis by an accredited company. We realize the company with such system established is a guarantee of good supplier-customer relations, perspective and prosperity.